Saturday, 12 September 2015

Dinner Meals start of being healthy Again

Hi guys 

So I'm a big foodie always have been. Not sure why I haven't been posting my cooking.
Steamed herb fillet fish
Sautéed vegetables 
Normally I try and always have sweet potatoes but I ran out.   
Chicken salad 
Tuna salad with a home made Balsamic, Mayo a dressing 
Veggie pasta with parmesan
Tomato Sausage Gnocchi with parmesan
and veggie
Chilli corn cane wraps
Beef burger & grilled sweet potato fries with garlic bread

I love to eat healthy I had been eating healthy for a long time. I grew up on freshly cooked food nothing out of a packet that you add water or milk to. All the food was fresh organic whole food. There was also my dad's garden with fresh vegetables and herbs, fruit trees all around the house. This was all in Zimbabwe where I grew up very different compared to now living in the UK.
I got carried away and was easily swayed into having take away food every night at the beginning of the year. I was a solid 10 stone and within 3 months I became 11 stone 8. I didn't notice until I was unable to fit most of my clothes.
The meals above is me getting back to eating home cooked food from eating take away everyday i.e a full medium domino's pizza myself.

I know if I throw myself into a strict diet after being so unhealthy it wont work. I'm tired all the time and bloated. I will say that I do need to be stricter with my boyfriend because he will just say lets get a take away. I was never like that. If I was tired I would make something thing really quick not just say I can't be assed.

Take aways are not good food at all. They don't taste great and they make you feel horrible and no benefit to your health. 
As I get healthier I will update my meals.
Next one will be on breakfast.

Love Sultaana xxx

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Dip Dyed Curly

 Hi guys...

I have been out of it lately with everything really. My diet, workouts, blog. Well with my whole life really. 
I have started to get my hair styled in a curly way. I had cut it naturally so if I was to straighten it would not be all the same length. 
Black Joni Jeans - Topshop
Grey leather jacket - Newlook
Sheer shirt - Primark
Grey Boots - International 
Grey Bag - a lil shop in Manchester 

The first time I just got it it curly. It was really to get rid of the damage from all the heat and what really killed it was when I went blonde on my own. My hair was so dry like brass. There is a picture of my hair blonde on my instagram if you wanna see.  It was just terrible. There is a older post of when I cut it curly for the first time on here (click here). 

The second time it was my birthday and I wanted a change. So this time I got it cut and coloured. I really wanted a change but had no idea what to do. So I got it dip dyed but in a curly style. I love my hair stylist RACHEL. 

Top - H&M

This is the last time I got my hair done which was earlier this year. I basically got a root retouch and more blonde on the ends. she did not use bleach as she knows how long I have been tying to get rid of heat and chemical damage. 

She is amazing and understands what kind of style I'm after. I never have to say much. I loved  the first time she did my hair, which there is a post on that. She did it straight and also have a post on that (click here). I took a risk and it was a risk was well worth it. 
My hairdresser Rachel at Renagades Hair Studio in Leeds is the best. She helped me come up with a awesome new look.
I love it so much. All the damaged hair has grown out. I can just get up and go if I'm bored add a hair accessories or have a bun. 
I dressed for what I imagined my hair would look like and it was a good guess but I seem to look different slightly each time.

Any questions just ask! like. Subscribe. 

Love Sultaana xxx

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Summer dress

Hi guys...

Hope everyone is well. So sorry I have been neglecting my blog. I have a few outfits that will be coming after this. I will try be a lot more regular. 

So Britain has been taking it's time to show some beautiful sunny weather. I mean the 1st of June was freezing cold. I even had to bring out my heavy coat and layers. Meant showing some skin for a tan. 

So this lovely turquoise halter dress with a beautiful print of the trees and birds. This dress has been hiding out in my wardrobe for a good few years and now being let out.

My normal make up routine except a new eyeshadow from cargo cosmetics 
Lipstick - Mac Up the Amp
Plus I just got my eyebrows done so Yay!!

Demin crop jacket - Best 
Grey handbag - New Look
Tan ballet shoes - Primark

Turquoise dress- Primark

Oh I forgot that I have little black Nike gym shorts under. Just makes me feels little more comfy. This is something I have always done from as young as I could remember. I was a tomboy growing up and hated dresses and skirts. My school uniform was a dress and I had shorts always during summer.

Hope you all good. Students hope you exams and assignments have all gone well and can enjoy your summer.

Love Sultaana xxx

Monday, 2 March 2015

The Midi Skirt

Hi Guys...

A few weeks ago I when out for lunch with a lovely friend. I don't normally dress up during the day in heels for a lunch but I got these lovely heels that are just so comfy. Also she and I love to dress up.  So if you stuck for a outfit in the work place work  or a need to dress smart for a meal of some sort, causal meeting or event. I hope this outfit gives you some ideas.

I believe that there should be at least one outfit that is smart in your wardrobe. You never know when you may need to dress smart for something important and not have anything to wear. Trust me I been there, most of us have. Then have to go and buy something when you maybe strapped for cash. 
Guilty!  that Top shop store card comes in handy!

Gold Chunky Necklace- New Look
Benefit Lipstick- Espionage (Discontinued)

Nail colour: Maybelline colour show -  Burgundy Kiss

I love the print on the skirt it's subtle. As you see my toes match my lips which was not intentional.
Black and Gold Waist Belt - New Look

Hand Bag - New Look
Black Vest Top - Primark
Purple Blazer - H & M
Burgundy Midi Skirt - International
Nude Heels - Zara

Now I'm not at all a big heel wearer but these heels from Zara I managed to wear all around Leeds City Centre. This is great for me as the only other heels I can do that with are Platforms and Wedges. Mostly all closed if not I feel like my toes are slipping out more so the higher they are from heel to ball of the foot.

I never been big on skirts being more of a tomboy growing up. I some what grew out of it but I still have my days. This is a breathable skirt even though it only allows me to take small steps. Which I was good with in heels. lol

If you not into skirts like I am most of the time wear a nice pair of pants or just a dress and a blazer. 
Let me know what you think! If would like to see different looks for smart wear as I know some people may not like skirts. Drop me a comment.

All comments welcome. If you like Please subscribe. New year and more Posts coming.

Love Sultaana xxx :)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dinner Date outfit

Hi guys 

I did promise another date outfit. This one was for a dinner. This classy not over doing it for a date. You don't wanna give the wrong impression if you looking for a relationship. 
I got my hair straight and loose. My other option was my hair up in a ponytail but I changed my mind. 
Right let's get on to my outfit and what I'm wearing. 
My make up is very natural looking. A bit of highlighting on my face. Brown and bronze eyes my brows were just done. And a nude lip colour with a little gloss. No need I have a bright colour on your lips. Unless it's stainless. I feel the red skorts was bold enough.

       Gold chunkie necklace- New Look

Black love sleeve shirt- Primark
Red skorts - Primark
Dark Brown leather jacket - New Look
Black jet tights - Primark 
Black ankle boots - International 
Cream bag - H and M

All the things I'm wearing were recently bought expect the bag and shoes. I love this outfit I do understand that it is still cold so you can always add a Biege knitted scarf. 
Hope you liked it and if you have any questions just comment. 

                 Love Sultaana xox

Make up look

Hi Guys...

I brought a couple of new things that I have been trying. Only just recently so a few more weeks and I'll start with reviews. I know this is an old outfit as you can see from the picture this was taken a while ago. 
I have been working a lot so I haven't been able to post because I have been really busy, I'm sorry.
This make up look was from a few months ago. I was trying a few new things. To get the glowed and contoured look.

Sleek - Eye shadow storm palette
Max factor - Black liquid eye liner
Benefit they real mascara  
Benefit Browingz - Dark
Benefit Rockateur blusher
Benefit watt's up Highlighter
Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer - Medium 

At the time I going through a lazy point and straightened my hair. Those curly girls know it's a bit of work to keep them curls looking fly. So it's straight but a few days old do it's the messy bed hair look. 

Hope you like this simple make up look with a bright lip. Please follow if you like it.

Sultaana xxx

Friday, 13 February 2015

Review Remington curling wand

Hi Guys

So I bought a Remington curling wand in January. However I do use heat on my hair that often so I wanted to make sure that my review was truthful and honest. I purchased it on  Amazon which I like using for reasonable prices. If you look at the different times I have used the wand in the pictures below. 

This is where my hair was in it's natural state. I didn't straighten it before curling it. It's helps if you growing out damage and the bottom doesn't curl as well any more.

All the rest I had blow dried my hair straight then used the curling wand. I am now a big advocate for heat protection. Now even more that I took 2 years to get my natural curl back.

Hope this is helpful to you. This wand works well on all types of hair. If your hair is naturally straight I would suggest that you use a holding spray after each section of hair so the curls don't drop. 
Hope this is helpful and enjoy. 

P.S Click on Amazon for the link for the price. 

Love Sultaana xox