Saturday, 11 July 2015

Dip Dyed Curly

 Hi guys...

I have been out of it lately with everything really. My diet, workouts, blog. Well with my whole life really. 
I have started to get my hair styled in a curly way. I had cut it naturally so if I was to straighten it would not be all the same length. 
Black Joni Jeans - Topshop
Grey leather jacket - Newlook
Sheer shirt - Primark
Grey Boots - International 
Grey Bag - a lil shop in Manchester 

The first time I just got it it curly. It was really to get rid of the damage from all the heat and what really killed it was when I went blonde on my own. My hair was so dry like brass. There is a picture of my hair blonde on my instagram if you wanna see.  It was just terrible. There is a older post of when I cut it curly for the first time on here (click here). 

The second time it was my birthday and I wanted a change. So this time I got it cut and coloured. I really wanted a change but had no idea what to do. So I got it dip dyed but in a curly style. I love my hair stylist RACHEL. 

Top - H&M

This is the last time I got my hair done which was earlier this year. I basically got a root retouch and more blonde on the ends. she did not use bleach as she knows how long I have been tying to get rid of heat and chemical damage. 

She is amazing and understands what kind of style I'm after. I never have to say much. I loved  the first time she did my hair, which there is a post on that. She did it straight and also have a post on that (click here). I took a risk and it was a risk was well worth it. 
My hairdresser Rachel at Renagades Hair Studio in Leeds is the best. She helped me come up with a awesome new look.
I love it so much. All the damaged hair has grown out. I can just get up and go if I'm bored add a hair accessories or have a bun. 
I dressed for what I imagined my hair would look like and it was a good guess but I seem to look different slightly each time.

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Love Sultaana xxx

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