Sunday, 1 March 2015

Make up look

Hi Guys...

I brought a couple of new things that I have been trying. Only just recently so a few more weeks and I'll start with reviews. I know this is an old outfit as you can see from the picture this was taken a while ago. 
I have been working a lot so I haven't been able to post because I have been really busy, I'm sorry.
This make up look was from a few months ago. I was trying a few new things. To get the glowed and contoured look.

Sleek - Eye shadow storm palette
Max factor - Black liquid eye liner
Benefit they real mascara  
Benefit Browingz - Dark
Benefit Rockateur blusher
Benefit watt's up Highlighter
Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer - Medium 

At the time I going through a lazy point and straightened my hair. Those curly girls know it's a bit of work to keep them curls looking fly. So it's straight but a few days old do it's the messy bed hair look. 

Hope you like this simple make up look with a bright lip. Please follow if you like it.

Sultaana xxx

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