Saturday, 12 September 2015

Dinner Meals start of being healthy Again

Hi guys 

So I'm a big foodie always have been. Not sure why I haven't been posting my cooking.
Steamed herb fillet fish
Sautéed vegetables 
Normally I try and always have sweet potatoes but I ran out.   
Chicken salad 
Tuna salad with a home made Balsamic, Mayo a dressing 
Veggie pasta with parmesan
Tomato Sausage Gnocchi with parmesan
and veggie
Chilli corn cane wraps
Beef burger & grilled sweet potato fries with garlic bread

I love to eat healthy I had been eating healthy for a long time. I grew up on freshly cooked food nothing out of a packet that you add water or milk to. All the food was fresh organic whole food. There was also my dad's garden with fresh vegetables and herbs, fruit trees all around the house. This was all in Zimbabwe where I grew up very different compared to now living in the UK.
I got carried away and was easily swayed into having take away food every night at the beginning of the year. I was a solid 10 stone and within 3 months I became 11 stone 8. I didn't notice until I was unable to fit most of my clothes.
The meals above is me getting back to eating home cooked food from eating take away everyday i.e a full medium domino's pizza myself.

I know if I throw myself into a strict diet after being so unhealthy it wont work. I'm tired all the time and bloated. I will say that I do need to be stricter with my boyfriend because he will just say lets get a take away. I was never like that. If I was tired I would make something thing really quick not just say I can't be assed.

Take aways are not good food at all. They don't taste great and they make you feel horrible and no benefit to your health. 
As I get healthier I will update my meals.
Next one will be on breakfast.

Love Sultaana xxx

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