Sunday, 18 August 2013

My 21st Birthday Outfit

So I turned 21 yay. I had a great time invited my friends and went out clubbing. Below i'm in a lovely red strapless mini dress with rhinestones just below the bust. Over sized cream clutch bag.
Curled my hair and my friend did my lovely make-up.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nail art

This is my second attempt at doing acrylic nails. With nail art. I'm not a professional but I'm a creative person.
Two shade dotted line nail art. Done by myself. 
This is just a some of the nail art I do. To seen more of then check out my Instagram: Sultaana_cake

Reunion with my mum


So it's been over 3 and half years since I have seen my mum. She lives in another country. She came to the uk for my 21st birthday and I'm so excited about it. 3 full weeks of my mummy. I'm her last born her baby. I don't know how I live without her near by.