Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New hair style and my outfit of the day

Hi Guys...

So I have been trying to grow my hair longer but I had been in desperate need of a trim. The last one I got was by my mum in August and she didn't cut it straight then I tried to fix it. Well I didn't do a good job and had to different lengths. 

I'm really picky about who does my hair because living in the UK most people don't know how to do mixed race hair. So I took a huge risk with my hair and looked on-line for hairdressers in Leeds, found one that sounded right called Renegades. 
No appointment but was hoping I would get someone to trim it. Lucky she was free and she cut a nice style to help my hair grow. It's a lot shorter than I would like but it's given my hair some body. 

 Here is before. Sorry it tight up.
  What I'm wearing
Green jumper : Misguided
Blue knitted throw over : Primark sale
Grey vest top: Primark 
Tan jeans: Topshop
Grey ankle boots: international 
Grey bag: New look 

After my hair cut. 

So I love love my hair that Rachael did from Renegades hair studios and she is now my official hairdresser. So happy I took the risk but I had a good feeling about her as soon as she spoke to me.

Love Sultaana xxx


Uzo O said...

Nice look , love your hair.

sultaana bels said...