Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fall, Autumn Outfit, lunch Date

Hi Guys

So sorry that I haven't been putting up posts at all since last year. I have been working loads really long shifts. It's not the most glamorous job but it's very rewarding.
Enough of my excuses and on to the actual post.

I have a love hate relationship with the winter but if my feet are warm then I'm good to go.
Also with all the rain my hair tends to get frizzy, my curly haired gals know what I mean. So I tend to have it nautrally curly.

I think if I'm off on a date then my make up shouldn't be too heavy or over the top. I want to look simple the more natural the look the better. 
However this is a pretty falawless foundation look that is highlighted and glowly. My brows are strong and shaped with a bonzed eyes. Lips with a nudes pink and gloss.

So what am I wearing. Oh I would wear a coat and a scarf. 
Green jumper:Tip Top in Leeds 
Black waist belt :New look
Midi Pencil skirt: H and M
Black tights: Primark
Cream bag: H and M
Black sued Studed ankle boots: Garage shoes
Green butterfly shell earrings:  A market shop in Wakefield

I may have gone over board with the amount of pictures but I got excited when I was getting these pictures taken. I think this camera is good compared to taking pictures on my iPhone cause there is a setting for a beauty shot. 
So I hope you like this outfit. It would be great for a first date. You look good with out looking like you trying to hard. 
I'll have a another date outfit soon that's a little more dressed up compared to this casual look. 
Hope you like this post and please comment for any questions. 

Love Sultaana xxx

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