Friday, 19 December 2014

November Monthly Favourites/ mini Review

Hi Guys...

How you all doing. November is over and I thought I would share what I have been liking. This would be my first monthly favourites. I get a lot of people asking what products I use so finally I'm letting you know. A few products are new and will have a little review.

Above I have Carmex in cherry which I can not live without weather it's just on it's on or used to moisturise before I use a lipstick. I love the tingle that it gives because it plumps up my lips as well as gives it a nice natural pink look. Also has SPF 15.

I have been more into gloss at this month but they not as dark so if I use a lip liner as well to enhance the gloss. Like the one above is from Smashbox, lip enhancing gloss in Adore me.

The lip liner is from Rimmel  lasting finish in Indian Pink. It's a lovely shade and would suit a lot of skin tones. I would recommend using it with a light because it's a soft application.

So I get breakouts like everyone however I have been trying hard not to squeeze them to prevent scaring. Tea Tree Blemish Gel from The Body Shop. It's takes a few applications to work and get rid of the spot. If you feel one coming on and use it it will make it ready and white don't squeeze I know it's temping. Just keep applying the gel, it will  dry out. 

My fav from the time I bought it is the Benefit Browingz in Dark. I love this product and believe that it's so with the money. I have bought this once and have not had to repurchase it yet. 

All the eye shadows are from Mac all of which I have been using together. I have been loving this combination for colours. From left to right there are:  Expensive Pink, Cork, Coppering and Rice paper. We all know how good Mac eye shadows are and that they very pigmented. 

Sometimes I like going back to when I was younger and would just wear black eye-liner very popular in a Muslim High School. Here is one of my favs besides kajol. Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer in Noir.

I have spoken about this liquid eye liner in previous posts. Maxfactor colour x-pert waterproof eyeliner in Deep Black. It last for a while and you can wake up and it will still be on. 

I have been using this new No 7 Lash Impact Intense Volume Control in Black. There are a deal on in Boots so my friends and I got it and a gift box filled with goodies. A while back I had a mascara from No 7 and it was really good and I kept it because I loved the brush. It gives a lot of volume and doesn't clump. 

I really love this Lipstick from Benefit in the colour Espionage. It's sad that they no long sell this product so I use it sparingly. I know it's not a summer colour but it looks funky with my new hair cut. You can see what the lipstick looks like on here (Youtube cover ) 

As you can see I recently got the Real Techniques Core Collection which I have been loving. I have been contouring a lot and find the Pointed Foundation Brush works well to place the darker Foundation to then use the Buffing Brush to blend in the foundation. I like this when it's a cream base the Contour Brush is better when using powder or liquid.  

Then I have my two Bare Minerals Brushes which I Brought in a set which I use to apply my bare mineral loose foundation the Full Face and Flawless Face I love these Brushes when I'm in a hurry powder foundation is quick.

I go straight on the the other Bare Minerals products I here which is the Original Mineral Foundation in Tan (N30). This is a loose powder where you can built up coverage stays on through a heavy workout and swimming. 
Then there is the Warmth 

The Sleek Oil Free Cream Foundation in Earth which is way darker than my Skin tone in the picture below is only used for contouring. I place it on the areas that don't get direct sunlight smiler to the Kim Kardashian way, below my check bones, my temples, jaw and the sides of my nose. 

Then the best ever Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free which I love so much. I use to have a problem with my eye shadow creasing. I didn't want to have to  separate primer products. This keeps my make up in place even during the warmer months.

So I have tried a few Concealers and the one that matches my skin perfectly is the Benefit Boiing in 4. I can use it on it's on or with foundation not much blending needed to it. Doesn't need much setting and is full Coverage. 

One of my fav fav Blushers ever is the Dallas from Benefit most of my blushers are from Benefit. I do love they packaging and the brushes that come with the blushers are so good. 

Been loving the Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer in Glow for under my eyes. It conceals and highlights my eyes. Does need to be set with  power but with a light had and not to much power other wise it will crease.  

To go with the Kim K look you need to hi-light your face and I have been using this N07 Skin Illuminator which I in a Boots when I Bought Mascara it was gift with purchase. 

This my first ever Monthly review and I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and this is why it took so long to actually put this up. I hope this can help you out if there are things you haven't tried out.
If I don't post anything before Christmas and New years Happy Holidays.

Love Sultaana XOXO

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