Friday, 29 November 2013

Hair style review

Hello everyone. 

So I got my hair braided with box-braids on the 16th September for a month. I loved the colour that I picked. Which matched the bottom ends of my hair. 
The braids and the colour suited my face however they were to thick on my hair. 
My hair is thin so it would have been better if they where thinner which I asked for but she was worried about time. With the price I paid they didn't last long cause of weighing down my actual hair because of the thickest. 
I have naturally curly hair but not Afro where it's kinky and thick with growth. It's more like Asian hair.
I'm not saying it was a bad job just that maybe they are not familiar with my hair type for box braids. 
I got my hair done in Leeds market and paid £70
Bought the expressions from hair city in Leeds colour number 30. It was £1.99 a pack and I used 2. 

In the picture above you can see how thin my hair is with the space on my scalp. I love the braids and the colour and so did everyone that saw me. But they might have lasted longer if they were thinner. 

In this one above you can see my hair has grown so my scalp is not as noticeable and the picture above. 

I would get them done again cause them easy for this cold winter. My hair won't be dry or be fizzy with the cold wind.

Love Sultaana :)

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